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Import franchise well-known reed switch has many years of history, mainly engaged in: Japan, OKI/ALPEH, Russia MKA/LUGANA, U.S. COTO/ HAMLIN/ COMUS and other well-known brands. All products are original supplier level.

Reed switch products can be bent in accordance with the requirements of customers cut feet processing feet, as well as client-matching of different switches and a magnet. Application of reed switch reed switches in cell phones, program-controlled switchboard, photocopiers, washing machines, refrigerators, cameras, disinfecting cabinet, IntelliSense, electromagnetic relay, electronic scales, level gauge, Remote gas meter \ meter, IC card gas meter \ meter, electronic gas meter \ meter in the application have been very good, as long as the electronic circuit in the use of automatic switches, can be used basically the reed switch.

■ automotive pressure sensors, liquid level sensors, position sensors, current sensors, vibration detectors, temperature detectors.

■ water appliances \ electricity \ gas table of counters, rice cooker's temperature sensors and position sensors, air-conditioning humidifier and so on.

■ health of speed equipment bicycles, running, and sports equipment of the position switch.

■ the location of toys electronic toys musical switch control \ Flash and other effects.

■ the location of toys electronic toys musical switch control \ Flash and other effects.

■ Security System Door \ Window magnetic, door locks.


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